We're a full service creative agency in Kansas City that specializes in solving business problems through strategic branding, design, and marketing.
Our core strength is web design, and our core commitment is to provide creative that works - the kind that demands attention, increases sales, and builds brands. We focus on strategy that leads to results, because we know that great work doesn't matter if it isn't the right work.

Founded in 2009, our three owners brought together over 20 years of combined experience, a passion for commercial art and interactive design, and a commitment to finding a better model for delivering world-class creative to our clients. With three distinct areas of expertise (strategy, design, and technology) and the ability to get them all functioning together, they are able to provide our clients with strategic solutions to business problems, not just work that looks good.

Today, this is reflected in every project we take on - from branding a startup business, to designing a website, to writing and executing a marketing plan - the goal of our work is achieving the business objectives of our clients.

Our agency is best defined by what we do, and we take a lot of pride in our ability to do a lot. Being a full service creative agency means that we are not tied to any one discipline as a method of solving the problems that are impacting our clients' businesses. If you feel that your website is underperforming, that doesn't always mean it is time for a redesign - perhaps you need a more effective message, more visibility on search engines, or to increase awareness through traditional marketing methods. With our ability to consider our clients' objectives against a backdrop of limitless options, we can propose and implement a strategy that drastically improves results, return on investment, and effectiveness.

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david cecil strategy lead portrait

David Cecilgreen arrow pointing right indicating more content

Director of Strategy, Owner

Strategy is what propels effective creative, and David is an expert strategist. He understands how to use branding, design, and marketing to accomplish the high-level goals of a business.

joshua davis design lead portrait

Joshua Davisgreen arrow pointing right indicating more content

Creative Director, Owner

Design is a visual language - it can speak to us, persuade us, and inspire us. It is perhaps the most powerful way a business can connect with its audience, and Joshua knows how to make it say the right things.

james penman technology lead portrait

James Penmangreen arrow pointing right indicating more content

Interactive Director, Owner

We live in a digital world; agencies must be on the cutting edge of interactive communication to be relevant. James keeps us more than relevant, and oversees all the technological aspects of our work.