We are brand engineers, because branding gives businesses a face, a personality, and the ability to be remembered. Without the right one, product awareness, customer loyalty, and effective creative are all but impossible. Branding is defined as the promotion of a company or product by means of advertising and distinctive design, so it is intrinsic to everything we do. Therefore, we create, we define, we manage, and we evolve brands by approaching all our work — from designing a logo to developing a website — with a focus on making sure that brand is memorable, appropriate, and strategically effective.

An important question to ask is, what isn’t branding? A brand is comprised of everything that people use to identify a company — and everything a business does sends a message. The truly successful companies realize that through careful branding, they can make sure that people are only identifying them by that which is carrying the right message.

Johnny Lightning Strikes Again is a full service creative agency, so branding is just one of many tools we can use to solve the problems that are affecting our clients’ ability to build their brand, improve sales, or achieve their objectives. For a comprehensive list of what we offer, visit our services page. If you are interested in considering us for your next branding project — or for any additional branding, design, or marketing needs — we’d love to hear from you through the form below.

We're a full service creative agency in Kansas City that specializes in solving business problems through strategic branding, design, and marketing.

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  • The launch of

    We recently marked the end of a phenomenal project by launching a brand new website for KVC Health Systems—a locally-based nonprofit organization that does really great work for kids and families throughout the country.

  • Stuff that does stuff

    Sometimes we make stuff that communicates stuff and sometimes we make stuff that does stuff. Sometimes, we do both. Fetch is one of those times where we did both.

  • Starting a business by starting with branding

    In 2010, we were at a poolside event and met an MBA student from a Kansas City college and he shared a concept for a bar & restaurant that he and a few of his fellow students were considering pursuing. There was one thing that made us believe that they had the right stuff to do it – they wanted to start with the brand.

  • Client review from Team Cocktail

    Lyndsey Higgins, Co-Founder of Team Cocktail, was nice enough to write a little bit about their experience working with us on their branding, clothing, and web design project: “Branding, logo, website, design and more…these guys do it all! As a [...]