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Presenting a revolutionary concept

Client Profile

exclusiveMD is Kansas City’s first concierge medical practice, a revolution in how patients experience healthcare. Understanding the problems of modern primary care, Dr. Mike Catausan, the Founder of exclusivMD, saw an opportunity to revitalize the patient-physician relationship. By removing the barriers of access and communication and offering healthcare through an innovative membership model, exclusiveMD has found a way to make healthcare accessible, convenient and affordable — meeting the needs of their patients through traditional office visits, telephone, email, house calls, video chat, and instant messaging.


As is the case with many of our clients, exclusiveMD came to us having already invested in their brand, but knowing it needed to be better aligned with their current service offering. With a beautiful new office and an established practice, Dr. Mike and the staff at exclusiveMD wanted to take their concierge medical concept to the next level by better promoting their membership model. Whenever you are attempting to revolutionize an industry known for doing things a certain way, education becomes a primary objective. We needed to find a way to present the concept of concierge medicine simply and clearly, while not letting exclusiveMD’s brand get lost in the process.


We were able to maintain a clear relationship with exclusiveMD’s pre-existing identity, but since it is such a premium service, we worked to move the brand towards “healthy” and “approachable.” The end result was something that looked classically medical — crisp and clean — but with a high-end polish that stands out in a traditional and institutionalized industry.

To properly communication both the message of exclusiveMD’s brand and the concept of concierge medicine, we designed a new website and a promotional “service card,” that would help them explain this new type of service. Both pieces accomplished a key objective, which was to come across as clean, clear, and sensible — an important message given that exclusiveMD was promoting a service easier than traditional healthcare. Much of the success of the website is due to how we presented the information — organizing their memberships in a way that would make sense for patients, making comparing the options and identifying the value as easy as possible.

Since our initial efforts, the exclusiveMD practice and brand have continued to grow, as evident by a huge expansion of their offerings. This expansion, and the resulting branding initiative that came with it, can be read about here.

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