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A growing business, an evolving brand

Client Profile

exclusiveMD is Kansas City’s first concierge medical practice, a revolution in how patients experience healthcare. Understanding the problems of modern primary care, Dr. Mike Catausan, the Founder of exclusiveMD, saw an opportunity to revitalize the patient-physician relationship. By removing the barriers of access and communication and offering healthcare through an innovative membership model, exclusiveMD has found a way to make healthcare accessible, convenient and affordable — meeting the needs of their patients through traditional office visits, telephone, email, house calls, video chat, and instant messaging.


Having already worked with exclusiveMD on a membership model website, we were thrilled to hear that they were evolving as a business and eager to help when they approached us with the new business challenges they were facing. They were expanding their service offering into three branches of focus — family healthcare, medical weight loss, and medical spa & aesthetics. The question we needed to consider was, how can we reassess their brand to best communicate those specialities while not diluting the brand of the practice as a whole?


We felt it was important to communicate the nature of the specific division, while still adhering to the overall brand and aesthetic of exclusiveMD. So after careful consideration, the solution we arrived at was to design a family of logos that both stand on their own and work as a whole. Each service would have its own identity — a unique icon and color scheme — that when combined, would still display beautifully as a component of the overall exclusiveMD brand. This strategy played out across not only a family of logos, but new business cards for the practice and each individual service and a redesign of the website. The new brand strategy is particularly successful on the redesigned website, as the new color system is used to great effect to clearly associate information and sections between the branches. That and the icon change were used to signify to the user where they were as they navigated the site.

This new system has allowed exclusiveMD to not only appeal to patients interested in their original offering, but to take advantage of the increased interest in their medical weight loss and medical spa & aesthetics services. The original vision of exclusiveMD has been realized, and we’ve been honored to partner with them to help move the brand forward.

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Interesting Fact

JLSA Co-Owners David and Josh once ran from Josh's house in Kansas City to the exclusiveMD office, which was 16 miles roundtrip. It was the sort of poor decision-making that we work hard to avoid.