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Don’t rent your underwear

Client Profile

Founded in 1974, T.E. Woods Homes is a builder of new home communities in the Kansas City area. Much more than a construction company, they provide master planning for new communities so that homeowners get more than just a roof over their heads. These amenities range from simple (entrance monuments, walking trails) to sophisticated (community centers, fitness facilities). Dedicated to developing the highest quality communities in Kansas City, T.E. Woods Homes has been recognized as one of the top home builders in the nation by Professional Builder Magazine.


T.E. Woods Homes engaged us for a simple reason — to get the word out. They were launching two new developments that appealed to first time homeowners, and a golf course within another development (Stone Canyon, designed by golfer Greg Norman) had just been ranked as one of the top 10 new courses to play by Golf Magazine. They needed to ride that wave of good publicity and drive people towards their number one objective, which was to sell homes. With any marketing campaign, the biggest obstacle is to cut through the noise and grab someone’s attention amidst the onslaught of advertisements we see each day. For this particular campaign, it was important that we reach a very geographically targeted audience. We were also committed to using these campaigns as a vehicle for advancing the overall T.E. Woods Homes brand.


The project resulted in the design and execution of two direct mail campaigns and a billboard. To market the two developments that appealed to new homeowners, we decided to center our message around people who were paying the same amount to rent as they could to own. We executed a 3-part direct mail campaign, which went to renters within a radius of the developments that had high credit scores (or, were conceivably able to buy homes). The campaign slogan was, “Would you rent your _____? Don’t rent what you should own.” The blank was filled in by a different, humorous item for each mailing – dog or cat, underwear, and toothbrush. This helped make these pieces very hard to ignore, even in a stack of mail.

For the Stone Canyon golf course and community, we designed a billboard that focused on their recent recognition. We love the challenge of communicating in spite of obstacles, and there is perhaps no bigger obstacle than when your audience is passing your advertisement at 70 miles per hour. To do this, we went away from the typical white noise of billboards — plain, emboldened text and exclamation points — and designed a huge, roadside coffee table. The key message (“National Top 10 by Golf Magazine”) was presented as a magazine header. Behind it, were magazines that supported the secondary messages (“fine living” and golfer Greg Norman). All of this helped to reinforce the hype about the course and the development, and create interest for buying homes there.

Overall, these decisions led to an extremely successful campaign. There are over 1,000 families currently living in T.E. Woods homes, and that number continues to grow.

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T.E. Woods Homes

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