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A drinking company with a clothing problem

Client Profile

Team Cocktail is a cocktail-inspired clothing and accessory company. But they’ll be the first to tell you that in actuality, they are a drinking company with a clothing problem. Their story started on a cruise ship in the Caribbean (28 friends and family, 8 days, 7 islands) — somewhere between the Bloody Mary’s and the Extra Dry Martinis, the idea for a new brand was born. Unhappy with their options for quality clothing that matched their mood, they decided to create their own beach and cocktail inspired t-shirts, hats, koozies, and other accessories with an emphasis on quality. To match their philosophy that life is best enjoyed in a t-shirt, shorts, flip flops — with a drink in hand — they wrote a mission statement for Team Cocktail to “create products that make people have fun, relax, and enjoy life as we do…one cocktail at a time.”


A clothing and accessory company won’t get very far without clothing and accessories. Along the same lines, a company founded on great times with family and friends won’t get very far if they don’t have a brand to match. Therefore, Team Cocktail came to us not only to design a new product line of cocktail-inspired merchandise, but to build a brand.

After a few happy hour meetings and a memorable road trip to South Dakota, we arrived at a great vision for the brand. It needed to champion a group where anyone with a positive attitude is welcome, and could unabashedly embrace happy hour as a mantra. Knowing that there were no geographic limitations to their audience meant that the Team Cocktail brand needed to be as much at home on a Caribbean cruise ship as a Midwestern farm. It needed to be able to grow and evolve as they adapted to the market (an important consideration for any new brand). It needed to be genderless. It needed to be fun and energetic. Practically speaking, our efforts needed to result in a brand that attracted people to the party, a proper product line, and an e-commerce website to connect the “party people” to the clothes they wanted.


Everything started with careful consideration of the logo, knowing that it needed to carry the message of Team Cocktail and be comfortably displayed on a tremendous variety of items. From there, we helped concept and execute several ideas for merchandise — ensuring that it could appeal to a range of people fitting the brand’s attitude and demographic. Everyone is enthusiastic about something, so we focused in on appealing to that enthusiasm. It wasn’t all about identity collateral (business card coasters, anyone?) and the product line looking fantastic, however; we also needed to consider how this business was going to be able to inspire customer loyalty and reach their audience.

With the help of the great minds at Team Cocktail, we developed and executed a strategy based on the “team” concept on which their brand was founded. We designed and integrated a blog with their e-commerce store so that visitors could connect with Team Cocktail in a more authentic way than a logo on their shirt. Team Cocktail’s blog has since become a go-to online source for travel tips, drink recipes, and an overall snapshot of the lifestyle of a Team Cocktailer.

Since the launch of the Team Cocktail brand and website, the demand for their products has been overwhelming. People don’t just buy one Team Cocktail t-shirt, they buy the whole line. As such, we’ve continued to add clothing and merchandise as fast as we can design them, as well as continuing to promote their brand wherever people that like fun get together. Team Cocktail has been a constant presence at trade shows around the country, and more and more stores are beginning to carry their products. Keep your eyes open — Team Cocktail is coming to a beach or bar near you.

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Team Cocktail

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Client Quote

"Insightful, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and creative. Their knowledge of building a brand and taking it to the next level is outstanding." - Lyndsey Higgins / Co-Founder (read her full review here)

Interesting Fact

The plane that flies across the Team Cocktail website is carrying messages sent from Twitter. The hardest part was finding such a tiny pilot.