Cliff Drive

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Cliff drive shot

After a year of badgering, David finally caved and bought a road bicycle. Up until that time, he had been riding an old mountain bike he purchased at Wal-Mart back in college. The thing was a heavy armored vehicle that crushed the asphalt beneath its thick treads as David rode. Oh, and although it had gears, they were broken and didn’t shift! More details and images after the jump.

Despite all that, David soldiered on supplementing this bike’s deficiencies with brute force. I honestly don’t know how he pulled off that 30 mile ride he took with Josh last summer. I fully suspect he should have died but made a ghastly pact with all manner of dark forces in return for continued unlife.

We took our first group ride since his bicycle purchase along a favorite stretch of Kansas City road: Cliff Drive! (Yay, I got to the topic of the post). It’s a historical scenic drive that has been recently restored from disrepair. It’s also motor vehicle free on weekends between the third weekend of May and the last weekend of October. If you’re looking for some outdoor strolling, cycling, or running, head out sometime. Its great.

Here’s a picture I took:
A little waterfall

And here’s a nifty Google streetview

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– James