Just as the Roman Catholic church once commissioned works from the master artists of their time, so too were we commissioned to create something magnificent – something that would stand the test of time.  The only difference is instead of painting the Sistine Chapel, we wrote a theme song.  For a blog.  For no money.  And it was entirely the result of an ongoing joke on Twitter.

People say we are progressing, but I sometimes wonder.

For the people who know me well, it is a known fact that the whole “design firm, alt-pop musician, black clothes” shtick is simply a deceptive disguise for a run-of-the-mill sports fanatic.  You may be one to disagree (you’d be wrong), but for me, the absolute most exciting sport to watch is golf.  I’m serious; my entire world stands still during the four major golf tournaments.  I tell James & Josh that I sit at my desk and work with the tournament on in the background, but that’s a straight-up lie.  I watch.  I watch hard.

During this year’s Masters Tournament in April, I started following Jason Sobel on Twitter.  Jason is an Emmy-award winning golf columnist/blogger, and editor of ESPN.com’s golf section.  Currently, his biggest claim to fame is a live blog that he writes for ESPN from the Majors.  We chatted back and forth a bit on Twitter, and ended up joking around about the Live Blog needing a theme song (I was on tour with far beyond frail at the time, so me being a musician came up).

I’m not the type of person that lets a joke die until I’ve taken it absolutely as far as it goes (for proof, ask James what happens when he tries to engage me in office pranks).  So, I decided to sit down and try my hand at blog theme song writing – the perfect marriage of my hobby (music) and one true passion (sports).  James and Josh got in on the fun as well, designing & developing a little site in order to present the song to the world.

And now, dear blog readers, we present it to you…

P.S.  The aftermath of the Live Blog Theme Song was both hilarious and disheartening.  I’ve poured my heart and soul into the music I’ve written and the albums I’ve released, and never before received so much acknowledgement as when far beyond frail popped up on ESPN.com – for a song that I wrote in 35 minutes.