Logo mistakes

Posted in Strategy on by David Cecil

Branding and design aren’t topics normally discussed by media outlets like CNN and BBC. But when Gap rolled out a new logo, found out that everyone hated it, and took it back, that’s exactly what happened. 

While this was big news for people like us who make a living by steering brands in the correct direction, we realize that it was probably glossed over by the majority of people who are rightly more concerned with things like international policy, the recession, and whether Brett Favre’s consecutive start streak was going to come to an end.

For that reason, we wanted to point out an article that not only summarizes the Gap debacle, but provides an interesting look at some other notable logo disasters (by disaster we’re referring to public outcry; some changes, like Tropicana, we actually kind of liked from a design standpoint).

Gap clothing company has ditched its new logo after only one week, due to an online backlash. So what are the perils of changing a company emblem?

Read the full article at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-11517129.

Gap Logo Before & After