Are you having fun?

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Team Cocktail Website Design - Clothing Branding Detail - Johny Lightning Strikes Again

UPDATE: The business for Team Cocktail kept growing, so they came to us for a website design reboot! Check out our latest work for them in our Team Cocktail case study and portfolio.

When a company engages us to solve a problem facing their business, one of the questions we have to answer is, “Does this company LOOK like who they are and what they’re doing?” Team Cocktail, a clothing and accessory company, asks a similar question to people who are out to have fun: “Do you LOOK like it?” If not, they offer a full line of products, designed by Johnny Lightning Strikes Again, for sale on their e-commerce website, also designed and developed by Johnny Lightning Strikes Again.

Team Cocktail Website Design - Clothing Branding Detail 2 - Johny Lightning Strikes Again

To call this project fun would be an all-time understatement. Not only were we able to brand Team Cocktail from the ground up (logo design, clothing and merchandise design, print collateral design, web design, web development), but we were able to work hard alongside a great new company. If that weren’t enough, our first strategy session involved a very memorable road trip to South Dakota, and who doesn’t want to road trip to South Dakota?

Sometimes businesses need to exist to remind people how to have fun.  Sometimes creative agencies need to exist to make sure those businesses have a great brand and great stuff to sell.  This is why Team Cocktail and Johnny Lightning Strikes Again are such a good fit for one another.  They epitomize fun; we design accordingly.

Team Cocktail Website Design - Johny Lightning Strikes Again

To fully explore the project, visit the Team Cocktail e-commerce website.