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Branding is a word that is used a lot – not just in our industry, but in the business world as a whole. But what is branding? It’s a slightly difficult question, because branding is often defined not by what it is, but by the most common applications of it. Branding is when you design a logo. Branding is when you design a website with a look-and-feel specific to that company. Branding is when you mark an animal with a branding iron. While all of these statements are true, none of them can really serve as a proper definition of branding.

Branding is the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design. It is a communication tool, used to capture the message of a company and deliver it through visuals. It is not something that a company does once and then checks off their list; it is an on-going process that enables businesses to increase their visibility and achieve their goals.

Lucky for us, we have clients that understand what branding is and what it can do for them. Because they know that branding isn’t over once we’ve launched their website or designed their logo, we often have new work to announce that builds on work we’ve already done. Today is one of those days. Our client exclusiveMD, a concierge medical practice in Kansas City, recently realized that their practice was best communicated in three divisions – family healthcare, medical weight loss, and medical spa & aesthetics. This provided a unique opportunity to reassess their brand and determine how to best communicate those specialities, while not diluting the brand of the practice as a whole.

ExclusiveMD Branding, Website Design & Development - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again

After careful consideration, the solution we arrived at was to design a family of logos that both stand on their own and work as a whole. Each of them are designed to communicate the nature of the specific division, while still adhering to the overall brand and aesthetic of exclusiveMD.

ExclusiveMD Branding & Print Design - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again

ExclusiveMD Branding & Business Card Design - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again