A new website. A new agency.

Welcome to JLSA.com, the new online home of Johnny Lightning Strikes Again. Not only did we pack up our brand and move from our previous address (strikesagain.net), we built a brand new house once we got here. We couldn’t be more proud to unveil it.

Johnny Lightning Strikes Again was founded in 2009, and while it may seem like two years is an awfully short amount of time to be in business before overhauling your website, the past two years have been full of change. We’ve grown. We’ve matured. We’ve learned what kind of agency we are and what kind of agency our clients need us to be. Therefore, this is not just a new website. It’s a new chapter in the life of our agency; the culmination of two years of hard work, creativity, mistakes, and success.

Creative that works.

So, what has changed? It isn’t our services — we’re still a creative agency helping our clients address their branding, design, and marketing needs. No, our change involves our focus. Every design firm, branding agency, or creative group is committed to great-looking work; we are no exception. But great-looking work should be a requirement, not the goal. After two years of working with phenomenal clients on great projects, we’ve realized that what makes us the most proud to do the work we do is not when we get a fancy portfolio piece out of it — it’s when we see the positive impact it has on the businesses it’s intended to promote.

Creative services — branding, design, and marketing — are incredibly powerful tools when they are strategically applied to solve business problems. They can increase sales, build brands, and help achieve objectives. So while we’re still as excited as ever produce great-looking work, our commitment is to creative that drives results. The kind that demands attention. The kind that puts a business on its back and carries it from where it is to where it wants to be. It’s creative that works, and it’s what businesses everywhere should be demanding of their agencies. It’s what they deserve.

Go ahead. Look around.

We invite you to take a look around. If you’re interested in how we’ve provided creative that works up to this point, read the case studies in our portfolio. If you’re interested in the specific creative services we provide (web design, content creation, branding — to name a few), poke around in our services section. If you’re interested in more of our thoughts, explore our blog and join in the conversation. Finally, if you’re interested in considering us to solve the problems your business is facing, drop us a note through the form at the bottom of every page. We’d love to hear from you.

Before we sign off, we’d like to send a special thank you to our clients. Your trust, passion, encouragement, and support have inspired us to constantly push to be a better agency. We’ve done great work together and look forward to continuing to devote ourselves to your brands, your objectives, and your success. THANK YOU.

Your friends,
Johnny Lightning Strikes Again