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Easy, Tiger is a subsidiary of Hallmark Cards and was born as an “intrepreneur” effort within the iconic company. What started as edgy, fun greeting cards being sold out of refurbished vending machines around Kansas City, Missouri, has grown into a national brand that carries a variety of paper, fashion, and decor products—all with their unique blend of vintage design, modern sensibilities, and of course, sarcasm.


Easy, Tiger approached us and discussed the goals they had set for their company in both the near and long term. Chief among them was growing their wholesale business, and they knew that their website needed an overhaul to facilitate that goal. We strategically planned a site that would meet their increased functionality needs, stay true to the Easy, Tiger brand, and allow for even more opportunities for their personality to shine through.


The new Easy, Tiger website is a perfect reflection of the original spirit of the company and their ever-increasing popularity. Launched just in time for an appearance on "Good Morning America," it is a prime example that an e-commerce website doesn’t need to cut personality to make room for intuitive and user-friendly functionality.