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Kansas City - St. Joseph Catholic School System


The Catholic Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph covers more than 15,000 square miles in northern and western Missouri and oversees 98 parishes and missions. They hired us to work specifically with the 42 schools within the diocese that serve more than 12,000 students from early childhood through high school.

Catholic School System
Catholic School System


The administrative office of the schools lacked a direct channel to communicate with parents and promote Catholic education in the community. They engaged us to develop a high-level communication strategy that would reach the appropriate audience, provide them with engaging content, and maximize the impact of their social media channels.


We discovered that the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph were perceived by the public as individual schools instead of operating as a whole, which made it difficult for anyone to speak on behalf of all of them. In other words, they had a branding problem, and we solved it by bringing all of their schools together under one name — the Kansas City - St. Joseph Catholic School System. We then established a social media strategy that made them an information aggregate for all the Catholic schools in their district. We increased followers through Facebook advertising, and we provided regular evaluation of their social media to ensure it adheres to the strategy we put in place.