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The Little House

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I know it’s been a while since you heard from us, and believe us, we missed you too.  But sometimes, you just have to put your head down and take care of business, you know?

The business we’ve most recently taken care of is a web design project that I’m struggling to describe without using words that I try to avoid when discussing our ultra-important, super-serious, strategically-driven web design work.  Words like cute.  And adorable.

There may be no way around it.

The Little House Kansas City Web Design - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again

The most recent addition to our portfolio and client family is The Little House – a boutique children’s clothing store, located for over 40 years in the charming Brookside neighborhood of Kansas City, MO.  Success over decades doesn’t happen by accident (I dare you to go to their store and tell me you’d buy your children clothes anywhere else), but they felt that it was time to grace the World Wide Web with a little of their delightfullness.  Yes – delightfullness is in no way a real word, but you’re going to have to go with it because it’s all too appropriate. READ MORE →