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Music We Loved

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For those of you who know us personally, you likely know that we consume new music like my fiance consumes Oreo cookies after work and then, a few hours later, claims to not be hungry enough to cook anything for dinner.  So being the helpless male I am, I eat cereal and question the life choices I’ve made that led to our engagement.

Sorry.  Not the point.

Now that 2009 is in our rear view mirror, we thought it appropriate to provide you with a little insight into our favorite albums of what was one of the most exciting and rewarding years of our lives.  And as a special treat, I went ahead and listed my favorite albums of the past decade as well. READ MORE →

Cliff Drive

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Cliff drive shot

After a year of badgering, David finally caved and bought a road bicycle. Up until that time, he had been riding an old mountain bike he purchased at Wal-Mart back in college. The thing was a heavy armored vehicle that crushed the asphalt beneath its thick treads as David rode. Oh, and although it had gears, they were broken and didn’t shift! More details and images after the jump.


Best coffee shop in KC

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James at The Filling Station

James at The Filling Station

— Update —
Due to popular demand (and an oversight on our part to begin with), the coffee shop in question is Filling Station. The link should give you everything you need to know to make the informed decision to spend the morning there. They serve a mean quiche as well.