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Creative play is a powerful activity, one you should work to make time for if you hope to remain nimble, energized, and (hopefully) innovative. It’s an idea that can be arrived at via diverse routes; people explain it differently, justify it differently, and engage in it differently.


Just as the Roman Catholic church once commissioned works from the master artists of their time, so too were we commissioned to create something magnificent – something that would stand the test of time.  The only difference is instead of painting the Sistine Chapel, we wrote a theme song.  For a blog.  For no money.  And it was entirely the result of an ongoing joke on Twitter.

People say we are progressing, but I sometimes wonder.

For the people who know me well, it is a known fact that the whole “design firm, alt-pop musician, black clothes” shtick is simply a deceptive disguise for a run-of-the-mill sports fanatic.  You may be one to disagree (you’d be wrong), but for me, the absolute most exciting sport to watch is golf.  I’m serious; my entire world stands still during the four major golf tournaments.  I tell James & Josh that I sit at my desk and work with the tournament on in the background, but that’s a straight-up lie.  I watch.  I watch hard. READ MORE →

Dynamic Drawing

Posted in Inspiration on by James Penman

I was fooling about with the behavioral seeking code that drives the fishpond in our former Play section. I’ve just started dipping my toe into the drawing API of Actionscript 3.0 and was interested in having a line draw the path one of my fish would be swimming. The test worked out fine, so I followed through on the idea a little more and added fish, changed behaviors, and so on. I ultimately came up with a nifty random doodle drawing animation where one line wanders at random, another line seeks the wanderer, and then a third line seeks the second line (as pictured below). The topmost line I made the same color as the background so there’d be the illusion of negative space.

Dynamic Drawing Output Screenshot - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again

Screenshot of the dynamic drawing output