Content Creation

We are writers, photographers, videographers, and composers, because content creation is often the most overlooked tool in a company’s creative arsenal. Content is the substance or information of a piece — the words, the photography, the videos. So, if the design of a website or promotional piece has been carefully crafted to communicate the right message, its content needs to be equally effective. In fact, poorly considered content, even in the context of a well-designed piece, may just be the fastest way to lose an audience.

As we enter into an increasingly digital world, content creation is more important than ever. It is what connects an audience to a business, so it needs to be engaging, it needs to be targeted, and it needs to be right.

Johnny Lightning Strikes Again is a full-service creative agency, so content creation is just one of many tools we can use to build your brand, improve your sales and achieve your objectives. For a comprehensive list of what we offer, please visit our services page.

If you are interested in considering us for your next content creation project — or for any additional branding, design, or marketing needs — we’d love to hear from you through the form below.

We're a full-service creative agency in Kansas City that helps businesses achieve their objectives through strategic advertising, branding, design and marketing.


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