User Experience

User experience design is the process of designing how a user interacts with a website, application, or piece of software. It involves goal setting, user analysis, information architecture design, prototyping, usability testing, and graphic interface design — all focused on the goal of making the user’s interaction as simple, enjoyable, and efficient as possible. The usability and appeal of a system is critical to its success.

When we approach user experience design we not only consider how someone will interact with a system, but how we want them to interact with it. This is why websites and applications are such powerful communication tools — user experience design allows us as designers to incorporate business goals into the system and guide users towards pre-determined actions.

Furthermore, by positively impacting the overall experience a person has with a system, we can influence how they feel about that system’s provider. That’s right — user experience design is still very much a factor in branding a company. If a user has a poor experience interacting with a company’s website or product, they will naturally transfer that feeling to the company itself.

If you’re interested in considering Johnny Lightning Strikes Again to improve the usability and appeal of your website, software, or application, please contact us via the form below. We can be involved at any level of user interface design — from planning the system to designing the “look and feel” to serving as consultants for your internal team.

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