David Cecil

Owner, Director of Strategy


How can branding, design, and marketing be used in a way that accomplishes specific business objectives? This question must be answered to arrive at a strategy, and strategy is what propels effective creative. David Cecil is an expert strategist; he understands how to take the high-level goals of a business and map out actionable steps for achieving them.


We say it a lot — great work doesn’t matter if it isn’t the right work. We rely on David to make sure our work stays focused on the overall goal, which is to increase the awareness, profitability, and success of our clients. His role is much like that of a business consultant; he’s able to assess and understand the problems facing a business and put together a plan for how they can be most effectively solved. Once the plan is in place, David works closely with our clients as our primary content strategist and copywriter. He has a phenomenal grasp of language and the unique ability to take complex ideas and strategies and communicate them in a way that makes sense.

David’s expertise doesn’t just benefit our clients — he serves as the business head of Johnny Lightning Strikes Again and is responsible for exploring new opportunities for our agency.


"If you rewind the tape from the moment when something great was achieved, you'll inevitably find the moment where a great plan was put in place. No matter what the objective is, it all starts with strategy."