2022: JLSA’s Year in Review

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I’ll tell you what: Johnny Lightning Strikes Again was feeling ’22. And that’s not just because a few of us landed Taylor Swift tickets. A lot happened in the last year! Here are some quick highlights.


Meet Designer Matt Houtman

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JLSA has grown and has grown very quickly! It’s been quite the whirlwind, but we want to catch you up to speed. So, today, we’re introducing designer Matt Houtman. 


JLSA is 13 Blog image

Johnny Lightning Strikes Again is officially a teenager! We just celebrated our 13th anniversary. At this point, it’s pretty clear that when it comes to helping clients communicate the right thing, in the right way, to the right people, “It’s not a phase, Mom!”


Calling All Designers

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We're Hiring a Designer

A likely candidate will have:

  • Strong type skills
  • Familiarity with best practices for UX/UI and responsive design
  • Experience with branding and print design
  • 2-6 years of post-graduate experience


Meet Copywriter Abbey Hugo

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Copywriter Abbey Hugo sitting in JLSA's office

When we hired Abbey Hugo, there was a pretty good chance she was secretly a robot. We’d only ever seen her virtually, she always knew the right thing to say, and her hair looked almost too good. Yet, robot or not, we were hyped to bring her on board. (Since then, we have been able to confirm she’s real.)


Examples of online, keyword-focused ads developed for KVC

KVC Kentucky is a division of our longtime client KVC Health Systems, a national nonprofit that provides behavioral health care and social services for children and families in five states. 

Before the pandemic, they counted on a steady stream of in-person referrals from schools for their therapy services, which dried up when lockdowns went into effect and schools went virtual. They needed to shift to digital lead generation and fast—so they asked our team to develop a strategy and implement it.


Rubik’s cubes, acting, not checking social media every half hour. A lot of things look easy from far away, but then you get closer to them and realize they are much more complicated. This is especially true when it comes to price quotes for marketing efforts. READ MORE →

Euronet Worldwide, Inc. is the world’s largest payment network for prepaid mobile top-up and the second-largest global money transfer company. They also operate one of the largest independent ATM networks in Europe, and guess what? They chose us for an exciting upcoming project celebrating their 25th anniversary. READ MORE →

The JLSA team working from home

If you’re a business owner or brand manager during this time, marketing, next to licking your neighbor’s door handle, may be the last thing on your mind. But it shouldn’t be. Countless studies show businesses that continue or even increase ad spend during a recession have a huge advantage. Plus, people are still spending money, just in different ways.

Here in Kansas City, a “Stay at Home” order was enacted on March 24th, leaving many businesses to wonder how to operate and what to do. Yes, everything sucks everywhere, but it doesn’t have to be bad for your brand long-term. READ MORE →

10 Years Ago

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One of our first official owners’ portraits. Not enough piercings or turtlenecks.

Hey! James, David, and Josh here. We’d like to take you back for a moment to 2009 when this picture was taken.

It was the Great Recession, AKA the best worst time to start a business. None of us were happy with our agency jobs at [REDACTED]. And well, we figured if the ship was sinking, we should at least try and steer the thing.