Creating An Engaging Medical Product Demo & Online Learning Experience

If you think designing a chair can’t be all that complicated, you haven’t encountered the technical sophistication of Medical Positioning, Inc. (MPI) products.

Highly specialized for hospital and other medical use, their products include patented specialty beds and tables designed to optimize patient positioning and imaging results. Their first release was the EchoBed® in 1990, which was the first specialty medical bed of its kind to feature a drop-away section, known today as the imaging drop section.

MPI needed a custom learning tool up in time for a project proposal that would demonstrate to visitors how to use one of their highly technical products in an engaging way.

Built using the open source content-management framework Drupal, the resulting website is not just a one-off learning site for a single product, but a robust, custom tool MPI can use to easily create engaging online guides for any product they like.