Helping a Website Better Serve the Region

Mid-America Regional Council

Mid-America Regional Council is kind of a big deal.

MARC is an association of local governments spanning nine counties and 119 cities in the bistate Kansas City region. They advance social, economic, and environmental progress by coordinating efforts to address community concerns like transportation, healthcare, and early learning. In short: they help make KC better.

And they wanted us to help make their website better.

As a large organization with a longstanding history and wide scope of initiatives, MARC’s website contains A LOT of information. The sheer volume of content made it difficult for MARC to manage, organize, and present the information in a way people could actually access and understand it.

They asked us to create a new website and content management system because they needed something that visitors could easily navigate and administrators could easily edit.

That’s where some major content considerations came in.

Everything was reworked based on an extensive content plan and website roadmap. Visual cues, content hierarchy, and simplified navigation now guide visitors to the information they need most.

The website also aligns with modern expectations regarding SEO optimization, mobile responsiveness, and ADA compliance.

From the backend, information can be adapted with little effort through a comprehensive, user-friendly content management system that works with their unique, ongoing needs. As the region changes, the site will too.

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