Tackling Two Banks’ Diverse Marketing Needs

Dickinson Financial Corporation

Dickinson Financial Corporation is made up of two bank brands.

Academy Bank has a large network of traditional branches and branches in stores throughout Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Arizona, and Florida. (Have you seen them in Walmart!?)

Armed Forces Bank serves the U.S. military in all 50 states, at sea, and in foreign countries.

We go way back.

DFC is one of our longest ongoing relationships. They originally reached out in 2013, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and the Harlem Shake was sweeping the nation.

They were on the hunt for an agency with the creativity and strategic capabilities to handle a huge range of marketing tasks.

Our work has since impacted all the foundational aspects of the two brands.

Equipped with an ever-growing — so now rather expansive — understanding of their unique business needs, JLSA continues to help Academy Bank and Armed Forces Bank extend their reach and maintain their brands.

Work over the years has included big projects like the design and development of their websites and smaller, recurring needs like print and digital campaigns. These projects have helped the banks achieve short- and long-term business objectives.

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