JLSA Office

We’re Johnny Lightning Strikes Again.

We believe in doing the right work, not just good work. And the biggest enemy to doing the right work is making strategic decisions prematurely. Our decisions are grounded in a three-step process:

Evaluation: Examine the big picture to identify the right problem.
Strategy: Ask the right questions to determine the right solutions.
Execution: Implement the plan and do the right work.

This process results in creative that works – the kind that demands attention, increases sales, and builds brands.

Nothing goes unconsidered. Armed with experience across creative services, we’re able to assess and integrate brand strategy, design, and digital marketing.

Brand Strategy

Key Message + Positioning

Marketing Strategy

Content Planning




Campaign Development

UX + Web Design


Visual Identity + Execution

Content Creation

Digital Marketing

SEO + Analytics

Digital Advertising

Web + Mobile Development

Social Media

Email Marketing


Past projects have connected us to some pretty cool clients — from neighbors here in Kansas City to brands reaching internationally.

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The right work starts with the right team.

David Cecil
Owner, Director of Accounts
Josh Davis
Owner, Creative Director
James Penman
Owner, Digital Director
Sara Blankenship
Associate Creative Director
Nick Greenup
Associate Digital Director
Bobby Haulotte
Matt Houtman
Senior Designer
Abbey Hugo
Copy Director
Tia Johnson
Administrative Assistant
Brynne O’Neill
Account Manager
Amy Waldon
Associate Strategy Director
Cassie Williams