Constructing a Leading Hitch Maker’s Website

B&W Trailer Hitches

B&W Trailer Hitches is America’s top hitch maker.

Started in 1987, B&W is the premium hitch manufacturer that invented the revolutionary turnoverball — the #1 bestselling gooseneck hitch in the country.

Most anyone that tows, whether for vacation or vocation, can tell you B&W is the industry standard for high-quality, innovative, American-made towing products. Anyone that doesn’t tow, well, you’ll just have to take our word for it — and never challenge us to hitch trivia. (We’d dominate.)

And they decided to hitch their wagon to JLSA!

B&W needed a website that could match their brand reputation and drive sustainable sales. So we set out to make it easy for customers to navigate thousands of possible product configurations and determine which dealers near them carry exactly what they’re looking for.

Their innovative hitches are now paired with an equally innovative online experience.

To build an approach that would scale with their business, work within a content management system, and better explain their options to experts and novices alike, we reconsidered the brand’s entire product taxonomy.

Good-looking, mobile-friendly, and technologically advanced, the resulting website expertly presents and complements the quality of the B&W products.

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