Revamping a Credit Union's Approach to Marketing

Credit Union of America

You guessed it! Credit Union of America is, in fact, a credit union.

And they’ve been pretty successful at it for the past 80-some years since starting out in Wichita, Kansas. Today, they have more than a dozen locations and handle over $1.3 billion in assets for 87,000 members throughout the state.

What they wanted was to revitalize their marketing efforts.

CUA invited us to work alongside their internal team. We offer strategic insight, create diverse marketing materials, and help to consistently and effectively represent CUA's brand.

And it’s worked!

The website got a complete overhaul, research-backed internal presentations led to new initiatives, and promotional campaigns spurred conversions and garnered excitement through print media, digital ads, TV commercials, and more. One of the most successful campaigns led to over $100 million in new auto loans in just three months.

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