4 Social Media Tactics for an Over Century-Old Brand

Here at Johnny Lightning Strikes Again, we consider ourselves to be social media experts (and not just because we’re on it all the time). Over the past few years, Marlow White Uniforms has engaged us in a variety of social media efforts. Having done branding and marketing work for them in the past, we were already intimately familiar with their brand and had a good place to start. From social media guidelines and post creation to seasonal promotions and lead ad campaigns, we’ve been able to take their brand and adapt it in a number of scenarios for social.

Social Media Guidelines

Marlow White Uniforms was having a hard time knowing where to start, so we developed social media guidelines for the brand, including an outline of what types of posts they should be creating and how often they should post each type. The guidelines also included what brands to follow to build their network and best practices on posting, commenting, and using photos and hashtags.

Post Planning, Creation & Management

In an effort to help get the brand started out in the right direction, we planned, created, and managed two months of posts for the brand’s social media accounts.

Social Media Facebook Content Creation - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again

Black Friday Promotions

As one of the brand’s biggest times of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday called for special promotion and led to us developing assets for a whole weekend of sales and posts.

Social Media Facebook Promotions - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again

Lead Generation

Military weddings have all the same factors to consider as a regular wedding, and then some. Marlow White Uniforms wanted to position themselves as experts who could answer any questions people who are planning such weddings might have, so we developed a Facebook lead ad campaign to both get their name out there and capture leads for the brand to follow up on.

 Social Media Facebook Advertising Lead Ads - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again