2022: JLSA’s Year in Review

I’ll tell you what: Johnny Lightning Strikes Again was feeling ’22. And that’s not just because a few of us landed Taylor Swift tickets. A lot happened in the last year! Here are some quick highlights.

  • JLSA entered our teen years with our 13th anniversary.
  • Our associate creative director, Sara Blankenship, celebrated her 10th year at JLSA!
  • With the addition of our new designer, Jess Nguyen, and digital marketing specialist, Ashley Bellinger, the team has officially DOUBLED in size since 2020.
  • The year introduced some new clients too, like FTW Investments, Performance River, and DistributorCentral.
  • We got to do some work for one of our favorite lunch spots, Lulu’s Thai Noodle Shop. On top of convincing them to bring back the free crab rangoon with lunch, we refreshed the logo, created a new website, and redesigned their menus and merchandise.
  • The massive website we made for Mid-America Regional Council launched with some wild technical capabilities and earned them a silver Philly Award from Nonprofit Connect.
  • Twinning on in-office days became pretty unavoidable following the introduction of JLSA’s new merch. The sweatshirts are so cozy that most of the team is considering just clearing all other sweaters from their closet.
  • One of our campaigns for Credit Union of America resulted in more auto loans than they’ve ever gotten in a single day.

The biggest highlight of all was the ongoing support we received from clients, friends, and family. It’s cheesy, but it’s true. Happy New Year to you!

Warm wishes,
David, James, Josh, Sara, Nick, Abbey, Matt, Cassie, Brynne, Cody, Cole, Tia, Jess, and Ashley