Welcome to JLSA’s Rebellious Teen Years

Johnny Lightning Strikes Again is officially a teenager! We just celebrated our 13th anniversary. At this point, it’s pretty clear that when it comes to helping clients communicate the right thing, in the right way, to the right people, “It’s not a phase, Mom!”

The year came with a major growth spurt, and the team nearly doubled in size. Say “Hi” to all the folks who’ve joined the agency since last spring:

  • Matt Houtman, designer
  • Cassie Williams, web developer
  • Brynne Davis, account manager
  • Tia Johnson, administrative assistant
  • Cody Tveit, art director
  • Cole Dillon, account manager

We’re grateful to have seen more of each other this year than the one before with our holiday party, the soft return of First Friday festivities, and the occasional revival of office days — which has not been enough to revive the office plants we abandoned at the start of the pandemic. RIP.

There were plenty of new faces on the client side too, working with Credit Union of America, St. Louis Regional Crime Commission, Mid-America Regional Council, and a bunch of others that it’s just too soon to mention. (We’ll keep you posted!)

We can’t wait to see what our teen years will bring. Thank you to all our clients and friends — those we’ve connected with over the years and those who have known us from the very beginning.