Coffee Meets Military Heritage in K-Cup Packaging Design

Did you know coffee and the American military have a longstanding history? Neither did we until we were tasked with designing custom K-Cup packaging for premium military dress uniform company Marlow White Uniforms. Having done branding work for them before, we needed to find a way to tie their brand into their new line of coffee. We dug into the history books (read: Internet) to see what we could find.

Little did we know there was a lot to be found, and it wasn’t long before we developed the concept for their new “Look Sharp. Stay Sharp.” coffees.

Look Sharp. Stay Sharp

With the tagline “Look Sharp. Stay Sharp.”, the line of coffees shows service members they can look their best with a Marlow White Uniform and stay alert with a cup of coffee in hand.

Designing for A Line of Products

We designed packaging for a whole line of flavors, including French Vanilla and French Roast, and gave special attention to K-Cup’s labeling requirements.

Marlow White Uniforms K-Cup Packaging Design Series - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again

On-Brand Imagery

Star iconography, rich uniform fabric textures, and vintage U.S. military imagery make for a line of coffee that fits in perfectly with the Marlow White brand.

Coffee x Military Trivia

Service members tend to be history buffs when it comes to their branch, so we included interesting facts detailing the rich history of coffee’s role in the U.S. military right on the box to give them a little something interesting to read while they sip their cup of joe.

Marlow White Uniforms K-Cup Packaging Military Coffee Trivia