The impact of net neutrality on small businesses

We’re a small business in Kansas City that provides marketing services for businesses of all sizes, particularly on the web. Our primary source of business comes from online search and traffic to our website. Likewise, our primary service is digital marketing, helping other businesses to be found and marketed online.

It’s safe to say we have a qualified understanding of net neutrality and the impacts the loss of it would have on not just our business but the many businesses we help every year.

It would be devastating.

The web is a free market vehicle. It’s the new Main Street. It’s the way to be found and do business. Allowing internet service providers (ISPs) to control it could kill entrepreneurship and stifle enterprise of all sorts. Over time, it could eliminate the ability of small businesses like us and so many of our clients to exist or ever be introduced in the first place.

We have to fight to keep the net neutral and let everyone have a fair shot. We have to fight to keep big ISPs from getting even bigger and more powerful than they already are. It’s more than a matter of principle. It’s a matter of protecting an essential part of everyday modern life.

Let’s keep the net neutral for everyone. Let’s make our voices heard. We have by telling the FCC how we feel, and we hope you will, too.