Branding a Startup: Cella Concierge Urban Storage

Cella, a startup looking to disrupt the consumer storage space, was in the process of raising capital. To help launch their brand and better communicate it to potential investors, they approached us to help develop their branding, including their brand identity and logo.

Cella is urban storage reimagined. It takes the antiquated but necessary world of self-storage and pairs it with a robust tech backbone to give city-dwellers easy, inexpensive, and real-time access to storage for their belongings.

Queue the squirrel—the fun, nimble storage extraordinaire of the animal world and the perfect fit for the Cella brand. Using the squirrel as a symbol, we created a clean, bright, modern logo that brings character and personality to the otherwise cold, impersonal industry of storage.

Plus, our target was a young, hip demo (AKA Millennials), who we figured would go nuts for anything with squirrels on it. See what we did there? Ok, good, we’ll move on.