Christopher Elbow Chocolates: Digital Consultation & Marketing

Everyone in Kansas City knows Christopher Elbow’s Chocolates as the créme de le créme of confections, but the brand wanted to improve traffic to their site through search, so they approached us to see what kind of solutions we could whip up.

Digital Consultation & Marketing Plan

After giving their web marketing team a primer on search marketing, we took a deep dive review of the brand’s digital presence, including a look at SEO, site structure, audience insights, competitors, and keyword research. While we found a range of opportunities for improvements, we determined the most effective first step would be to run and manage an AdWords campaign for a few months to learn more.

Monitoring & Optimizing Performance

Once we planned and launched the campaign, our work included weekly optimization check-ins and monthly reports on analytics, insights, and planned improvements.

Remarketing Ads & Design

Once we had a sufficient volume of traffic going to the website, we designed and launched remarketing ads to improve the ROI of the clicks. Simple yet elegant, the ads showcase the mouthwatering chocolates and their beautiful designs.

Christopher Elbow Chocolates Digital Consultation & Marketing Web Ads Detail - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again