Selling Hot Tubs on the Internet (Pay-Per-Click Advertising at Its Finest)

Spring Dance Hot Tubs has been a client since our early days, and while we can’t take any credit for their awesome name, we can take some credit for their internet sales success. Why? Because we started managing their pay-per-click (PPC) advertising via Google AdWords campaigns a few years ago, and they kept paying us to do it, so we must have been doing something right. Right?

On top of our usual AdWords work (where we first identify keywords, launch a campaign, then continue to optimize and send monthly reports), we’ve had the opportunity to test out some additional PPC tactics for the brand. Take a look.

Pay-Per-Click Remarketing Ads

Now, remarketing ads won’t be the right fit for every client (some won’t meet Google’s minimum requirements for such ads), but Spring Dance Hot Tubs’ site was a great fit. As a part of our PPC work for them, we developed general branding and remarketing ads in line with best practices by matching the look and feel of their website.

Special Promotions

At one point, Spring Dance Hot Tubs stated an interest in increasing their ad spend and running special promotions for fall and end-of-year clearance events, for which we were happy to drum something up. We designed a new series of remarketing ads that continued the overall look and feel of the brand while incorporating the new special themes.

After running the ads, conversions saw an almost 40% increase. That means more people going home with hot tubs, which means more happy people in the world, which means we’re doing good, meaningful work here.