The Making of Rockhurst Athletics’ New Visual Identity

Would you look at that!? During Family and Alumni Weekend a couple of weeks ago, Rockhurst University Athletics officially unveiled their new visual identity. The crowd responded with cheers, applause, and some dashing to the bookstore to grab new gear sporting the new hawk.

Snapshots from the event

While considering the new approach, the JLSA team came across vintage hawk imagery used by Rockhurst University more than 70 years ago. With so much of Rockhurst’s identity and ideals grounded in their more than a hundred-year history, a throwback seemed fitting.

Original inspiration

The new logo brings back the powerful posture of the diving hawk but in an eye-catching style fit for modern design.

Our work, however, didn’t end with a single hawk logo. We were able to create a whole suite of brand assets, including different variations of the hawk, wordmarks, supporting graphics, lockups for all sports teams, and brand guidelines that clearly instruct how best to maintain the brand and utilize the new imagery. Go Hawks!