Media Planning: Growing Brand Presence Year Round for Stuppy Greenhouse

We recently had the pleasure of planning and implementing a whole year’s worth of marketing for Stuppy Greenhouse, a Kansas City-based greenhouse and aquaponics system designer and manufacturer who develops solutions for commercial growers and educators across the country.

From editorials and sponsorships to product features and print/digital ads, we developed a campaign that promotes Stuppy’s products as not just greenhouses but solutions to growers’ unique problems and needs.

Mix of Print & Digital

In the greenhouse market, print is still the number one source for professional growers, which is why we focused investment in print tactics but also balanced and extended reach in digital tactics over the previous year. That way we could explore what a greater digital presence could do for Stuppy.

Timing & Frequency

For all tactics, we selected placement in issues that focused on Stuppy’s subject matter (maximizing timing and relevance) and offered bonus distribution (maximizing value and reach).

The Results

The resulting media plan garnered a whopping 2.6 million impressions and even came in under budget.