How Much To Spend On Marketing: Setting The Right Budget & The Problem With Price Quotes

Rubik’s cubes, acting, not checking social media every half hour. A lot of things look easy from far away, but then you get closer to them and realize they are much more complicated. This is especially true when it comes to price quotes for marketing efforts.

Considering the Right Factors

Take redesigning your company’s logo for example. It might seem simple at first—until you realize you haven’t established a clear brand strategy. And you have two distinct audiences that like different aspects of your company. Oh, and your primary competitor just rebranded and went in a direction you may have wanted to go.

All of these are very important things to consider before changing your logo. And they’re important things for your agency or designer to consider before they can know how much time, effort, and money it’s going to take to be successful.

That’s why we don’t believe any successful project, whether it involves a logo, website, marketing plan, SEO campaign, or anything in between, begins with a flat or automated price quote.

Instead, we believe in having real conversations with our clients to understand the problem and determine the right budget to solve it. We have helped many businesses through this process and found it’s critical to producing not just good work, but the right work.

Determining the Right Budget

We consider the right budget to be what you can and should spend to solve the problem. To determine this, we look for an amount that is:

  • Realistic given the project’s unique challenges
  • Reasonable within your overall financial picture
  • Low enough for a meaningful return on investment

We dive into that and more in our evaluation step, the first step of our process. The next time you’re considering whether an agency may be able to help with a current marketing challenge, reach out and let’s start a conversation.