JLSA 3.0

Our last website launched in 2011. And while it may seem like four years is an awfully long amount of time to launch a new website, we’ve been really really busy, and we’re happy to say this new website launch is the mark of a new era for JLSA.

Things have changed. We’ve more than doubled in size, and we keep growing. We’ve produced an entirely new body of work for all kinds of incredible clients. We’ve got an office and even office plants (they really tie the room together). And with clean, spacious pages and responsive design to showcase our work, the website we’ve arrived at certainly fits the new era of our brand.

One thing that will never change, though, is our belief in producing creative that works—in creative that is not only striking in its beautiful design but also in its effectiveness in reaching the right people and communicating the right thing.

Which brings us back to this—the work. We’re most excited to unveil the work we’ve been, well, working on. Here are a few highlights from the case studies in our new portfolio:

Go ahead. Take a look. We hope it inspires you to strike up a conversation with us in a comment, a coffee shop, our contact form or on social media. As always, we’d love to talk with you.

Your friends,

Johnny Lightning Strikes Again