James Penman

Owner, Interactive Director


Behind every dazzling special effect in a movie or fancy feature in a sports car is someone who not only understands how it works, but understands it well enough to make it look easy. James Penman, who was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, not only gives us some international perspective, but is our guy that makes the special effects and fancy features look easy.


We live in a digital world; agencies can no longer exist on print ads and copy and expect to be relevant. They must be on the cutting edge of interactive communication, able to develop complex web applications as easily as they can design identity collateral. For these reasons, we can say that James keeps us more than relevant. James’s greatest asset isn’t his ability to write code, it’s his ability to make complicated technology fade into the background so that our client’s brand and message can take center stage. The fact that he’s a programmer with an art degree might have something to do with this; he has a knack for making technology work with design, instead of against it.


"The technological advances in portable liquid pigment (paint in a tube) allowed Monet to quickly capture moments out in the world instead of in his studio; today's technological equivalents effectively blows the door of the imagination off its hinges, and that's reason to be very excited."