Weekly WWW Wrap-Up

Posted in Inspiration on by James Penman

We’re unabashed junkies of culture, addicted to today’s 24/7 datafeeds, spotting of trends like bird-watchers spot, well, birds. This is the first of a (hopefully) weekly list of nifty stuff that might have slipped by you unnoticed.

Gives Me Hope
We’ve all seen and enjoyed the schadenfreude of FML. Seb Lee-Delisle tweeted about an inspirational version of the same thing called Gives Me Hope. As they call themselves “Like FML for optimists”. Unless you’re a charcoal-hearted jerk, you’ll find something on there to bring a hopeful smile to your soul.

Natske Inspired
“canvas” is a new HTML element which allows for the display of scripted visuals. It was first introduced by Apple for the Mac OS X Dashboard but it has made it into modern versions of Safari and Firefox (sorry Internet Explorer users, the following link won’t do much for you). Eric Natzke creates generated artwork. Here’s a link that has been passed around Twitter quite a bit this week that uses the “canvas” element to produce “Natzke inspired” interaction.

Type Resource
Thanks to Big Spaceship’s Minister of Technology, Joshua Hirsh, for pointing this out. Should prove to be quite useful.

Too excellent
This showed up on twitter and then a lot on facebook, so you may have seen it by now. You’ll be glad to see it again. Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc.

Concept Clock
We spend our days downloading, uploading, reloading, preloading, etc. This concept-clock is handsome, witty, and kinda depressing. I want one.