Tivol Names New Digital Agency of Record

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Tivol names Digital Agency of Record - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again

Tivol, Kansas City’s iconic jewelry brand, has named Johnny Lightning Strikes Again its new digital agency of record. We will be assisting with a variety of creative initiatives, including the new Tivol.com that will be launching soon.


Our newest client, Overstock.com

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Overstock.com Logo

We’re very proud to announce the signing of our newest client, Overstock.com. Overstock.com, a technology-based retail company, has retained us to provide a variety of creative and consultative services, mostly to aid in the advancement of their mobile website and their iPhone, iPad and Android apps.


We’re Hiring!

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UPDATE: This position has been filled but we are always interested in hearing from great people. Contact us at careers@jlsa.com.

Johnny Lightning Strikes Again is seeking to hire a talented graphic designer to help develop handsome solutions to business problems. We are very serious about doing good work, so it’s not terrible if needing to do your best borders on compulsive. But remember, the best designers find the best ways to work with others – no rock stars, please.


An article written by David Cecil, our Director of Strategy, was featured in this month’s issue of Thinking Bigger, a Kansas City magazine dedicated to helping smart companies think bigger. David’s article focused on a topic that is near and dear to our heart at Johnny Lightning Strikes Again – how to make sure businesses are investing their marketing dollars wisely.


Stuff that does stuff

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Fetch Website Design, Development, and Branding - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again

One of the most important questions we answer for our clients is how creative services can be leveraged to achieve their objectives. They know what an agency does, but they want to know what an agency can do for them. Since a lot of creative is subjective, we often find ourselves talking about intangible benefits — customer loyalty, emotional connection, and trust. Intangible benefits aren’t the whole story, however. Creative services, especially web and application development, can also provide a business with functional tools that make life easier.


Do Right Strategy, Process & Philosophy - Johnny Lightning Strikes

Do right

Our motto at Johnny Lightning Strikes Again is “do right,” and it is founded on three things that we believe to be true:

1) The purpose of creative has to be to help a business achieve their ultimate goal.

2) To do this, the work can’t just be good — it has to be right (and there is a huge difference).

3) The biggest enemy of doing the right work is making strategic decisions prematurely.

This is the foundation of our philosophy and it affects almost everything we do. The most noticeable impact, however, is found in the process we go through from the moment a project with a new or existing client is being considered to its completion. It works in three steps.


Snow & Co. Logo Branding - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again

In 2010, we were at a poolside event and met an MBA student from a Kansas City college. Since Johnny Lightning Strikes Again is in the business of growing businesses, the conversation naturally turned to a concept for a bar & restaurant that he and a few of his fellow students were considering pursuing. Philosophies were shared, business cards were exchanged, and plans to discuss it over coffee were made. These conversations are always exciting, but they also highlight that there are a lot of hurdles to jump over to go from a concept to opening day.

In this case, there was one thing that made us believe that they had the right stuff to do it, however. They wanted to start with the brand.