When the road hurts…

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One of our favorite non-creative related activities is running.  At some point or another, all of us have been bitten by the running bug – the undeniable call to take to the pavement and push yourself to the limit.  The experience of traveling miles and miles under your own power, listening to nothing but the sound of your thoughts and your feet on the road is all very romantic, actually.  Until, that is, you wake up the next morning and realize that your body isn’t what it used to be and you’re in quite a lot of pain.  For that reason, when we were contacted by Dr. Jesse Walden of Quest Chiropractic Center to design and develop a new website for his practice, we felt that the road to understanding his target audience wouldn’t be a long one.

Can you guess the purpose of today’s post?  Yes!  We’re here to announce the launch of the new Quest Chiropractic Center website, lovingly created by Johnny Lightning Strikes Again.

Quest Chiropractic Center Web Design & Development - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again

As always, the first step was working through our initial discovery phase, getting to know them and agreeing on a strategy for their brand and website.  We felt that if the goal is to drive more first-time patients to the practice, it was important to make them feel as comfortable as possible before they walk through the door.  To do this, we designed the interface and information architecture of the site to ensure that a first-time user was able to quickly find information on Dr. Walden and, most importantly, what would be involved in their first visit.  We also connected Dr. Walden to one of our favorite photographers in the area, Gabe Hopkins, to make sure we’d be able to show actual images of Quest’s office and Dr. Walden working with his patients.

Quest Chiropractic Center Web Design & Development Detail - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again

Overall, we think this website is a great example of how a simple site that is properly branded and strategically designed can be a great asset to a business – without needing to go overboard (as we’ve said before, sometimes it’s important to respect convention).