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Do Right Strategy, Process & Philosophy - Johnny Lightning Strikes

Do right

Our motto at Johnny Lightning Strikes Again is “do right,” and it is founded on three things that we believe to be true:

1) The purpose of creative has to be to help a business achieve their ultimate goal.

2) To do this, the work can’t just be good — it has to be right (and there is a huge difference).

3) The biggest enemy of doing the right work is making strategic decisions prematurely.

This is the foundation of our philosophy and it affects almost everything we do. The most noticeable impact, however, is found in the process we go through from the moment a project with a new or existing client is being considered to its completion. It works in three steps.


Creative play is a powerful activity, one you should work to make time for if you hope to remain nimble, energized, and (hopefully) innovative. It’s an idea that can be arrived at via diverse routes; people explain it differently, justify it differently, and engage in it differently.


Some of you may have already played through Today I Die, an independent flash game that has more in common with poetry than gameplay. It is a little interactive gem with something to say, or at least something to make you feel. If you haven’t, take the 10 minutes or so you’ll need to noodle through it to completion.

If you don’t have the time or the patience here is a youtube “walkthrough.” You’ll get the drift but not the heart. Either way is better than not at all.