Academy Bank Get More Guide Onboarding

Customer turnover is a real worry in the banking world, and, after 90 days, it’s common for many customers to just leave. We didn’t want Academy Bank’s customers to do that, so we thought up some ways to improve their experience and help them get more out of banking. Our first idea was to give out free money, but evidently that wasn’t in budget, so plan B it was.

And so, we crafted the Get More Guide—a microsite and email campaign specialized in helping new customers navigate through the tips, tools, products, and services they now have access to.

Academy Bank Get More Guide Managing Your Checking

Giving Visual Direction

Fully exploring the “guide” theme, we designed a line of icons in a compass-like style to illustrate where you are in the process.
Academy Bank Get More Guide Navigation Icons

Staying In Touch

Supporting the microsite, a series of targeted emails based on customer portfolios reached out to customers throughout those crucial first 90 days, helping to foster good, long-lasting relationships.

Academy Bank Get More Guide Email Series

Here to Help

To help new customers easily find answers and know they’re not on their own, we made sure the site, emails, and other onboarding materials featured lots of helpful content like quick tips, FAQs, and contact info.