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Everyone knows what it’s like to wait on a load bar. With the rise of broadband, our appetite for large multimedia content has also risen. As such, the load bar seems to be in the cards as a major part of our interactive experiences for the time being.

We’re always looking for ways to build a better experience, and finding better ways to load a website is part of that. A recent improvement was introducing two “layers” of motion in our loading animations. For example – if the loader pulses, then it also needs to turn. If something gives a percentage read, then it also needs to _______.

This second layer of activity engages the eye and in turn gives the impression that time is passing more quickly. We rarely deal with more than a 10 second wait, but patience grows thin on the web. It’s like the 60 second burrito that took way too long; I am hungry!

Few things make me wish for wealth more than the possibility of eating at 801 Chophouse every night. When we were asked to design a website that reflected the experience of the restaurant, we were happy to dive deep into research (that means eat there). The end result was truly defining and in some cases delicious.

801 Chophouse is in 3 locations: Kansas City, Missouri; Omaha, Nebraska; Des Moines, Iowa. They offer a fine dining experience that ranks with the best available, claiming a midwest reputation that spreads to the coasts. We worked to match the caliber, energy, and mood that was definitively 801.

801 Chophouse Kansas City Website Design - Johnny Lightning Strikes Again

The Kansas City location is the newest of the three.


Ahh “OHH,” a marathon project of which I can’t capture the hundreds of hours spent. This is the first process entry I have done, and it’s bound to be one of the biggest. Don’t take marathon as a negative, I like running for especially long distances. But there is no denying the scope, completion of this website was a fantastic feat for everyone involved.


We all know the internet is “catching on.” It’s becoming harder to remember when it wasn’t around in every home, even though it wasn’t that long ago. It’s how we make a living, something already vital to us and those we work with. It’s crazy to think it could become almost on par with utilities. Finland is headed that way. Wow.


Best coffee shop in KC

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James at The Filling Station

James at The Filling Station

— Update —
Due to popular demand (and an oversight on our part to begin with), the coffee shop in question is Filling Station. The link should give you everything you need to know to make the informed decision to spend the morning there. They serve a mean quiche as well.