Financial marketing needs

Dickinson Financial Corporation


Dickinson Financial Corporation (DFC) is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, and comprised of two subsidiaries—Academy Bank and Armed Forces Bank. Academy Bank has a large network of both traditional and in-store branch locations (Have you seen them in Walmart?) across Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Arizona, and Florida. Armed Forces Bank proudly serves our military in all 50 states, at sea, and in foreign countries.


Throughout the many (many) projects we’ve worked on with DFC, the objectives have greatly varied. The one constant, however, is that they’ve needed an agency that could bring the right strategy, creativity, and capabilities to fill a variety of roles—from user experience and front-end development to campaign strategy and creative to branding and print design.


Having created campaigns for everything from HELOCs to credit cards to business banking, we have developed a relationship with DFC that’s many years old and still going strong. Our work has involved balancing outreach strategy with the full gamut of execution tactics and has touched all the foundational aspects of their brands. We’ve guided their website, developed creative campaigns to sell any number of financial products, and helped set marketing and communications strategy to achieve a variety of business objectives.

See other work we have done for Academy Bank to effectively onboard new customers, promote online and mobile banking tools, and build their website from the ground up. You can also check out the military recruit onboarding campaign we developed for Armed Forces Bank.