Joshua Davis

Owner, Creative Director


Design is a subtle art — the shade of a color, the details of a typeface, the width of a line — they can all change what is being communicated. The best designers not only know how to communicate through visuals, but know what to communicate. Joshua Davis serves as our Art Director and oversees all the visual decisions we make; he’s why our work is able to say the right things.


A brand is like a complex ecosystem, and Joshua is an expert on how they work. He sees how all the pieces connect and then can bring the entire system together so that it is speaking with one voice. He understands the language of visuals; how they can speak to us, how they can persuade us, and how they can inspire us. His greatest asset isn’t his understanding, though; it’s that he cares deeply about the success of our clients. Joshua is always searching for the perfect idea for the art direction of a project – the one that best captures the message of a company. Once he’s done that, his work is not only able to grab someone’s attention, but to then focus it on what is most important to our clients’ objectives.


"You can say more with less, but it's a lot harder to do. Strip back everything until you can’t imagine it being anything else. That's where design and honesty meet."