KVC Health Systems Annual Reports

A few years back, we helped non-profit KVC Health Systems completely overhaul their branding and websites, an effort which involved a lot of asset creation up front for a vast range of collateral across their different organizations. That same year and every year since they have come to us for help with designing their annual report.

Each year, we’ve developed new art directions and even repurposed some of the original assets from the rebranding to create a fresh look and feel, all while staying true to the larger brand. Some years we’ve designed the entire look and layout, while others we’ve sent them a direction and set of visuals so they can finish up the work in-house, saving them time and money in the process.

No matter our role, it’s always been a fun way to recognize and celebrate all the good KVC has accomplished over the year.

KVC Health Systems 2016 Annual Report

KVC Health Systems 2017 Annual Report

KVC Health Systems 2015 Annual Report