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The launch of

We recently marked the end of a phenomenal project by launching a brand new website for KVC Health Systems—a locally-based nonprofit organization that does really great work for kids and families throughout the country.

JLSA and the future of Kansas City

As people who love downtown Kansas City, we believe there is no more important project for the future of the city than the construction of the streetcar starter line. So when we were selected to design the new, we were both tremendously excited and extremely proud.

Stuff that does stuff

Sometimes we make stuff that communicates stuff and sometimes we make stuff that does stuff. Sometimes, we do both. Fetch is one of those times where we did both.

Client review from Team Cocktail

Lyndsey Higgins, Co-Founder of Team Cocktail, was nice enough to write a little bit about their experience working with us on their branding, clothing, and web design project:

Are you having fun?

When a company engages us to solve a problem facing their business, one of the questions we have to answer is, “Does this company LOOK like who they are and what they’re doing?” Team Cocktail, a clothing and accessory company, [...]

Make it snow

Scotwood Industries is the largest supplier of ice-melt in the nation.  If you live in a part of the country where snow and ice regularly assault your winter months, you’ve almost certainly used their products. There’s a lot you can [...]

It isn’t just a matter of Flash vs HTML5

Jamie Kosoy wrote a great article that puts the HTML5 vs Flash “conflict” into perspective wonderfully: Pretend you were that student of mine, and pretend you started school 4 years ago. It’s your senior year now. In your freshman year, [...]

When the road hurts…

One of our favorite non-creative related activities is running.  At some point or another, all of us have been bitten by the running bug – the undeniable call to take to the pavement and push yourself to the limit.  The [...]

Client review from 801 Chophouse

Chris Dennis, the Head Chef at 801 Chophouse in downtown Kansas City, recently reviewed us on Google. He had such nice things to say about our web design project together that we couldn’t help but repost it here: These guys [...]

Client review from Republic Tile

Brad Duff, the Owner of Republic Tile, had some nice things to say about his experience working with us on Republic Tile’s branding & website project: Our company, Republic Tile, used Johnny Lighting Strikes Again for brand and website development. [...]

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